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This is my last discussion on this topic, “Illuminati in South Africa”. Whenever I wrote a post about “Illuminati” I feel exhausted in my spirit.

The reason is that uncovering truths about secrete organizations like “Illuminati” takes great courage. Many people who tried to reveal secrete activities done by these secrete organizations died on the cause, others escaped death many times, others put in jail.

I have been taking counsel from the Lord on whether to carry on and blog about the influence of such secrete organization in my country, South Africa, and The Lord didn’t object. He firstly let me know that the reason this subject was brought into my attention was just for spiritual guidance into the world of politics. Lately I’ve been pre-occupied by the ANC Mangaung conference’s succession debate. The Lord brought this topic to me by revelation so that as a christian I would not be found fighting against his will. As much as I would like to reveal the mysteries of “Illuminati” it is also clear to me that not everybody is spiritually enlightened. Things that can be revealed can remain concealed to others. There are many things I would like people who read this blog could know but the issue of “Illuminati” is of a spiritual nature than  politics. Therefore this discussion will only serve as a guideline to your research about Illuminati in South Africa rather than exposing Illuminati activities or people who are involved in it.

About 98% of visitors to my site site discovered it while searching the net about Illuminati in South Africa. I would try to answer some of the questions they “googgled” and made them to land on this page.

The most asked question: “is Dr Nelson Mandela an Illuminati?”

My answer is “NO”.

Having done my research on his life I have found it extremely difficult to prove if Dr N.Mandela is “Illuminati” or not.

The initial stage for one to become an Illuminati begun as a free mason.


What is a free mason?

Freemasons are a fraternal order dating back at least four centuries and have likely roots in medieval mason guilds.

Many people have written that the free masons are a secrete religious group but that is not true. Freemasons are not a secrete group. Anyone can join this organisation. They are just an organization that has secretes. It’s members tend to hide their membership hence many people assumed it’s a secrete organization. information about Masonry is accessible in many sources.

Dr Nelson Mandela was never initiated in the Masonry. Some sources allege that he was initiated in 1984.

While in prison Dr Nelson Mandela was in correspondence with the Billy Graham christian evangelistic ministry

billy graham

The release of Dr N. Mandela from prison was initiated by the secrete organization known as the “Broedebond”.bred2

The Broederbond was a secret, exclusively male and Afrikaner Calvinist organization in South Africa dedicated to the advancement of Afrikaner interests. These were the rulers behind the apartheid regime and had a large influence into the South African politics during the apartheid era. They are still today operating secretly behind South African politics.

The Broederbond had a constant surveillance on who was in communication with Dr Nelson Mandela outside prison walls. Considering their strained relationship with the Masons due to apartheid policy there was no way they would let their “number one state enemy”to be in the counsel of their former enemy ally, the “western masonry”. The masons are the producers of the “western powers” that dominated the wealth and politics of the world. They are a strong and powerful organization. Every leader of the western countries came from the ranks of the masonry.


The Afrikaner Broedebond was formed with the objective of securing the future of Afrikaners against the dominance of western powers which was Britain at the time. Dr Nelson Mandela could have compromised their state security shall they have allowed him to communicate with Masonry.  The masonic western powers were the main critics of the apartheid regime although they were not supporting the ANC’s liberation plan because of ANC’s link to the Communist countries.

At a later stage the Masonry managed to put pressure on the Broederbond South African government to do away with Apartheid and they succeeded.

The handover of power to “black people” by the “white” National Party government was not done in the spirit of guiltiness or change of heart because of the sins of  apartheid but it was a strategic political move by the “Broedebond”. The Broederbond was not about to handover their hard fought labor, building and securing the future of white Afrikaners to the Communist linked ANC on the silver platter. The releasing of Dr N.Mandela and other political leaders from Robben Islandindex

in 1990 was planned strategy by them in-order to remain in power but this time behind the scenes or secretively.After the 1994′s first democratic government elections the National Party disbanded and joined to the ANC. This question you should ask and consider all the facts. Why ANC?

On that point I conclude that Dr N. Mandela mandelais not an Illuminati product or any other secrete organization. Yes he compromised his primary mandate but that doesn’t make him a satanist as some have alleged.

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199 thoughts on “Illuminati in South Africa 1

  1. On Mandela being Illuminati: It’s difficult to reach a conclusion whether he is or not. My analysis on his life and his speeches it’s easy to align him with the Illuminati, which is one of the highest orders of the free masonry. Nevertheless before 1994 I attended many rallies where Mandela delivered his speech and vision about South Africa. I remember him saying “ndizakudibana nongxowa nkulu bamazwe ngamazwe. Abantu abanemali eninzi engalithenga lonke eli lizwe…” ( I am meeting the investers who has a lot of money that can even buy all of this country). Speeches like these are a proof enough that he was aware of the secrete rulers of this world. Nevertheless as i mention in my blog that after his release from prison he once said, ” never again will this country be in the hands of the minority through privatization of land…”. His course for fighting for human rights also makes me think he was linked with the Illuminati. However I still cannot find a provable fact that he is involved in Illuminati. I am not denying the fact that politically he and the ANC politicians sold this country. My stance on him is that he is not an Illuminati. He might have used it’s princinples on governing South Africa but still that does not makes him an Illuminati satanist.

    • Cecil…am liking your facts and they prove that the man somehow he was involved in illuminati, no matter how but he did meet them and had discussions with them and they agreed on something………..One would ask why did they choose Mandela because under normal cercumstances the president of the party becomes the president of the nation …and the president of that time of Robin Island it was Oliver Tambo….why did he become the president????????

    • Hi Cecil, I would like to know. Where did you find the words you quoted of Nelson Mandela saying “ndizakudibana nongxowa nkulu bamazwe ngamazwe. Abantu abanemali eninzi engalithenga lonke eli lizwe”?

      • Cecil its been a long time since I last wrote in this blog.. Can I ask you this! deviating slitly from the article….is it me or some of the policies of the EFF will be making it easy for the illuminati dudes to control state resources. Because from my understanding, the primary aim of the politiacl parties at that time was the issue of LAND nad Mandela neglected that.. and focused on this new thing that was well received world wide of this EQUALITY….he “MANDELA WAS A GREAT MAN” but i donr respect him in the sense that he robbed us of our destiny our land, the land that belongs to the indeginous people not the whites…..Today I am running with JULIUS MALEMA because his policies speak to me, they speak to the nation….but you know its the media that is misleading people about this whole land issue, they misled people about Mugabe, but I am not a fool let MALEMA spread his wings and believe you me, I XOLISA MDA. FROM KING WILLIAMS TOWN WILL SNATCH THE EASTERN CAPE RIGHT OUT OF THE ANC’s HANDS…..we are tired Cecil I am tired….These guys are taking us as fools now they are comming with NDP 2030…have they finished with what they promised since 1994??? no why this National Development Plan 2030 then…I was never involved in politics but just discussing them but now …….. its a shame that back in the days we as blacks use to know that our enemy is a white person but now you can tell cause our enemy is ourselves / our brothers etc……

      • @Xolisa, I don’t see a possibility of Economic Freedom Fighter’s (EFF) policies being associated with the Illuminati. Eveything the EFF stands for is against Illuminati ideology. The leader of the EFF, Mr J.Malema, is playing with fire. There’s a saying, “if you want a war you should know your enemy”. Malema doesn’t know his enemy. He is very pre-mature. He attacks the ‘whites”, Zuma and the ANC. Who is the enemy here? The whites? Zuma? or the ANC? I respect your choice for a political home. Nevertheless, Malema is not the right man to take the struggle for economic freedom in South Africa. Such kind of a leader I haven’t seen yet. Our land is in the hands of the masons, the strongest “secrete” organisation in the world. There is no political solution to overthrow the Illuminati powers. Only in Christ that victory can be achieved.

      • Cecil my brother i hear you but i must differ with you on the issue of Malema playing with fire. See from my point of view he is not attacking the whites personally but the system they used and those that were in the forefront of thoise systems not all whites in general, but on ther issue of Zuma yes he is attacking him head only because Zuma used state resources to deal with a personal matter infect it was not personal but the president chose to mae it a personal issue, politics are politics, if i dont agree with you in a conference that does not mean i hate you or anything beyond my position, but the president is a dictator so he personalises everything. Malema might not be the right candidate for presidency now but he is growing and as a party will will decide who is the right person to take control. Look the masons are here and everywhere, the thing we shouldn be talking about is how can we use their presence to better the living of our people because they are not all bad they do , do good at some point but we have to think outside of the box, we are no longer head man we are graduates and great thinkers. we are the only people who can make life better for ourselves no Jesus not God but you, south africa and me Cecil …….TOGETHER… I LOVED THE ANC and what it stood for but not now now i have a new political home which is the EFF….. But tell me this can you look up Pastor Manning of the USA and download or watch his clips and tell me what you think….

        then we will angae each other on that….See there is a clip where he sings infront of his church member that ” YEPPPPY THE DOG IS DEAD YEEEEEY THE DOG IS DEAD YEEEEEY MANDELA IS DEAD YEEEEEY THE FOOL NELSON MANDELA IS DEAD” that to me in its self says that is more that we dont know. he goes on to say the BLACK MAN dont understand the WORLD and how to RUN it……

      • I haven’t listened to that pastor yet I will do so sometime. South African politics are interesting indeed. I will engage you sometime especialy now that Vavi and NUMSA are in the picture. South African politics won’t be same again especialy now that Mandela has gone. I am watching with interest.

  2. On Mandela being a christian: Judging about his declaration of faith Mandela acted like a real Free Masonry. He never associated himself with any specific religion. He allowed all leaders of religions to bless him. He also told people that he is not going to heaven after he died. I guess that alone if he spoke out of his heart means he is not a christian believer. Pastor Ray Mccauley of Rhema church claims that Mandela accepted Jesus while in prison and that describes Mandela’s sudden change of heart. Well I also got an information from a trusted USA friend that Mandela was in constant correspondence with Billy Graham organization while in prison. That gives a reason good enough to declare him a christian who will enter paradise after he passes away from this world. Unless someone else produce a proof that he was affiliated in the illuminati, my stance still stands. Mandela is not an Illuminati.

    • Cecil I get your points but I have to disagree with you all the facts point to the direction of the man being in one of the cults……….am not saying he is a bad man but he is involved….. 46664 ……and the 666 are always in big caps…why?…….

  3. U r 2 bitter wen u start talking abt Zimabweans, that which u allege is far from the truth and demeaning for South Africans becoz they r not that kind of people.

    • @skaat, I’m sorry to have mentioned a scam that involves Zimbabweans, nevertheless my facts are correct. Our department of home affairs is aware of that and they once announced that there are many “South Africans” who cross the borders to Zimbabwe during the Easter and Christmas holidays and return after the holidays are over. To the home affairs officials that amazed them because black South Africans are known for going home, since they work in big cities, during holidays not crossing borders for holidays or vacations. That gave home affairs a reason enough to speedily migrate from the system of using the green ID books to the new ID card system. I quote, “I welcome every foreign national who has obtained a South African ID book illegally to come and apply for our new ID card…”(Dr Naledi Pandor, new minister of home affairs in RSA @metro f.m. late night talk show). There are many facts I can lay to prove that I am correct on what I said about some Zimbabweans in South Africa. Not all Zimbabweans are involved in that ID scam, I am sorry that the very few bad Zimbabweans in South Africa have given an impression that I mean Zimbabweans are bad because that is not true. I am having friends from Zimbabwe who work in South Africa, mostly in the private security industry around Johannesburg. To obtain a PSIRA certificate that proves someone is without a criminal record in South Africa, one needs a South African green ID book, and that resulted in many foreigners not being able to find jobs in the private security industry in South Africa since it is difficult for PSIRA to prove their criminal status from their own country of original residence. Maybe yo can answer my question on how come the private security industry in the Gauteng province of south Africa be populated with foreigners, mostly from Zimbabwe.

    • Scary but true…….Life is too short to live on faith alone ….I NEED TO SEE IT, I NEED TO FEEL IT, I WANT TO BE IT ……….. Mnadela died and coincidentally OBAMA comes to SA……..ZE? ZE? People open your eyes and recognise ………we are at a stage where there is a war between the spiritual worlds and people dont get caught up in the war ….GOD rules haven and SATAN rules earth….yes it will or might change in the future but it has’nt for now so ja…….

    • Neh not evrone dear…there are those that are awere of what is going on and those that are blind and are purelly there to better the lives of the poor but as soon as they come across with it…they will change ……..

  4. What if he was playing their cards but just couldn’t adopt to the elite though schemes and just playing along just to get closer to the devil just like I’m doing ryt now as Moses did to get to Pharaoh where he had to be an Egypt from the river with daughters of Pharaoh to learning the langua and then throwing a stick that changed to be a snake. All just to take Esrayel to the desert and to the promise land. Ever think about that.

  5. Please blog us more info to help the ignorant or illiterate Christians about this so that they can discern moreover on prosperity and materialism gospel. I fear that our Christian folk will be deceived because of love of money. God revealed this thru u to help us. He trust u for boldness like Peter and John(Acts 4). Thank u for this revelation. Biko once said it is better to die for an idea that will live than to live for idea that will die. God protect and give u boldness to expose secrets that hinder our walk with Christ as our Lord and Saviour. Amen

    • ….. Why you hatin on us Mac we just living our lives we just want the money and you can keep your religion ….. …….We just youngan’s told you before I WANT TO SEE IT FELL IT ….wake up dude ….See aint hating on you’ll Jesus lovers I respect you. But you gotta respect me aswell

      • @ xolisa i think we’re on the same route i can see now they all honor mandela but we have cde Tambo ,cde Mbeki and cde Sisulu they never be hounered like mandela on their demise why mandela because he sold them to this new world order . Plz guys wake up if u r a chrisian u can see this . Ok what is the meaning of unholy allience on may 10 1984 they crown him as 33 degree mason look south africa now a man can marry other man that was happening in sodon now we make south africa sodom mnxm maan i rather die than following ANC i knw in time of struggle they were funded by illuminati

    • See mac this earth is a jungle……Eat or be eaten …….in my group i have instilled the idioogy of family … YOu see MAC in GOD i trust dont get this twisted Ive seen grown man die, the love of money …… Never turn on your brothers is my motto ….I am appealing to the youth of today …. Im just you normal local dude ……… See MAC we at war, said it before we at war and my QUAN GANG maembers are hungry…. ….let me tell you this …….. …. IF YOU A SCHOOL PERSON STAY IN SCHOOL, IF YOU A JOB KIND OF A PERSON STAY AT YOUR WORK, IOF YOU A FAMILY MAN THE STAY WITH YOUR FAMILY, CAUSE THIS ILLUMINATI THANG AINT MADE FOR EVERYBODY, EVERYBODY TALKS THEIR S**T UP UNTIL THEY GET CAUGHT IN SOME REAL S**T… Im so inlove with this Illumny thang ……see MAC we can introduce you to a life style that you’ll love forever …… you ever came up with the concept that money cant buy you love …… :-) ……See mac we all tryna live ….the way you experience life will not be the same as my experience … peeps from my hood wanna roll with me cause they like how am styling …I know am not making sense to you but one day I will. Am so focused i dont even know how to hate. So MAC with QAUN GANG… you want it you’ll get it …. by the way QUAN means MONEY …… dont get it twisted though I work and sweat for my money and am making moves to get high up in the food chain…The early bird catches the first worm so wake up ……AMEN

  6. Neh Cecil these people that claim they are the illuminati are nothing bu scammers…… by reaserching about it i’ve learnt that they dont just invite people like politicat party rallies…I understand that there is a higher level…mayb this illuminati group inviting people is in its lowest level……YOu see in these groups the advise you to kill in order to be excepted….Yes in the higher level they do secrifies but they use dolls and special effectes but with the groups at the bottom the use real people in their secrifieces …….

  7. Dr. Medi……..share with us what you know…Cecil has shared with us what he believes in and wht he knows…! you claim that you know more share……I know quiet a bit myself but but I need a deeper understanding to all this hyp around illuminati and why have they recently decided to show themselves because the society was always there for many years but they were doing their dealings under rocks now they are out there for all to see …WHY? whats the plan? I like some of their values and all… see the people who make the illuminati appeling are the RAPPAZ they make it look nice and worth joining………..

    • Xolisa……..Illuminati is all about motivating what is inside you like what u can do best. You must be with some thing in common when u feel like joining the occult i mean like talent,business ideas, political ideas and many more abilities some one can be able to do. Illuminati is not the only secret society in world but it’s the most powerful one among all.
      We have agents all over the world in every country and every village. There are some of the people who are just approached by the agents after spying them for a long time and they see that they can make it in life. I’t not that all the members just look for the occult but some times the agents follow them and they convince them until when they join the occult. This is because we want to control the world in every aspect of life that’s to say: political,music,health sector,financial sector and so fourth.
      Hip hop is a religion like Christianity, slam and others. You have to know that for every one to make it in music career , he /she must sign to the devil called Baphomet. Am sorry i will not say more for security purposes and for my life safety. Because even this am sharing with you they are following it and am not supposed to do it.
      You people must know that YOU CAN’T SEE A STAR WITHOUT DARKNESS. For more info if any one wants to know more, like my FB page: xxxx Cnb- F.B. page name have been eliminated by the blog administrator) or come to my office in johannesburg germiston town.

      • This is very intresting……some facts about it are true bro……you cant see a star with out darkness……..Am in the EC cant come to your office ….so emails will have to do for now…..I’ve got a group of youngen’s ….we go by the name ” QUAN GANG” …….we not a gang of hulligans neh we a group of decent people. I have a base group from gurls and boys from 1985-1993 (that age group) ……. to them am like a general….we discussing things of the future…how to penetrate the government the people around us to make them buy into what we on about ….. to us its all about mone. but what I have instilled kubo is the fact that you gotta die before you can live…….. Some were very judgemental up until I showed them my ideas ……. am not for killing of babies and all that but one has to do what one has to do…and I dont mean killing …….Im looking for a demon though!!!!

    • Xolisa: looking for a demon and dabbling in the occult is a sure way to destroy your own life. You can read books like “He Came to Set the Captives Free” by Rebecca Brown if you want to find out how satan will destroy your life if you follow him (this book has testimonies from ex-satanists who were delivered from demon possession). ALL types of occult activities are satanic, even if they look harmless on the surface, like the illuminati/freemasonry, and they all include demon possession. You can also read a book called “Mysterious Secrets of the Dark Kingdom” by Apostle JP Timmons, I think you can even download it for free from the internet if you google it. (in this book you will learn about the spiritual realm and also about the battle for planet earth). This is a very serious matter: there is a battle going on for YOUR soul right at this very moment. The battle for your soul is between Jesus and satan……… In order to win this battle you need to accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour and not worship any other gods. You cannot serve 2 masters. The path to everlasting life is very narrow and can only be found through Jesus, and the path to destruction is wide. Jesus said very FEW find the path to everlasting life, why not choose to be part of them?

      Do you want me to tell you how to become born again (saved)? When you accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour, you are born again (saved), and the Holy Spirit comes to live inside you. All you need to do is say a prayer like this: “Dear God I know I’m a sinner, I know I am not where I want to be, and I want your forgiveness! I believe that Jesus died on the cross to pay the price for my sins. Please wash me clean from all sin, shame, and guilt, come into my life Jesus to be my Lord and Savior. I ask this in your name Jesus.Amen!”

  8. CECIL I RESPCT YOU MAN…. BUT CAN YOU BLAME ME WHEN I SHOUT OUT………YOLO (you only live one) …we too oppressed our mind is still in the olden days ….as the ANC YOUTH LEAGUE PUTS IT …….we are YOUNG LIONS ….. and lets act like one’s …. .. CECIL….did you ever imagin that your BLOG would be this great and talked on..? ……..

  9. They want to programme us with their technology,changing from green I’d book to so called ……card,I disagree with it!.Im hoping our MIGHTY GOD will find a way to save us. this illuminati thing is giving me a headache.this is nonsence.rather die poor but the kingdom of god is mine.let them be exposed from their secret SA citizens let’s not allow that system of is also corrupting youth.they use technonolgy to corrupt people,let be alerted and stay awake .money is the root of all evil.

    • Isaac dude are you ok?! clear you dont get anything that is discussed in this blog…..Cecil is spot on to evrything but the views of the other people are different……Some Cecil might agree with but others maybe no…….You see Isaac again this is bigger than us and clearly bigger than your mind (no Offence dude) but even a 10 year old can see where this is going and how people see it ……Dude grow up…….open your eyes and your mind…….read the blog with and open eye and read all the responses then u’ll understand…….dont be ignorant ……

  10. People think they see were else they obviously blind, some they see but play ignorance….this illuminati thing people are on about is bigger than them it is bigger than hip hop and signing artists. People are looting Africa and controlling us, we help them do it. Cecil thank you for the blog and I just wish the God they maybe can help us save Africa. I came across your blog while I was searching on google about the new I.Ds that are being introduced to south Africa. And I understand these IDs are the illuminati’s next step to take us over

    • We are at a state that we can never be saved unless GOD comes to us himself……… what is happening today was fortold years ago…… again understand this …..” the war at hand today is not for us but for GOD , his angels and the DEVIL and his angelz (demons, what ever you wanna call them)

  11. @Xolisa, my brother I must first apologise to you and other fellows who leave comments on my blog, I finf it difficult to keep up with your comments due to my other responsibilities @work, school and church. Whenever I have little time I make sure I read them daily, the problem is to reply into all of them.

    Well, about 666 note this the bible said it’s a coded name of the person. When you decode the name Nelson Rholihlahla Mandela you don’t get 666. The are few names when we tried to decode corresponded with 666, one of them is “New york”. New york means 666 when encoded. Mandela is totally not linked to 666. It’s a co incidence that his prison number was 46664.
    When you said he did meet with the Illuminati some where, there I can bet my money you are 100% correct. Illuminati is one of the top structure in the Global masonry organization (the rulers of this dark world).

    It’s possible that Mandela studied the ways of the masonry while in prison. Some people allege that he was initiated in 1984, yet they don’t bring fact on how that happened for the man was behind bars. Myself I find it difficult to prove he is not involved in the Illuminati especially when I listen to his speeches the more I become convinced that the man meant well at heart. I can only conclude that he played into it’s (Illuminati) territory but himself not one of them.

  12. This is interestin bt aint no Shit like illuminati dat I blv in,people are successful and still makin more money,no one controls no one here…are ur parents controlin da maid at ur house?NO bt bcz she wants money so she wl d anythn n wash ur clothes n all dat…same as illuminati these people work so they deserve a reward da same way da maid does…n abt Mandela,da dude was smart 2 accept da offer dat was given 2 him in order 2 survive prison cz all da othr mothrfuckers died cz thy culdnt 4give white people,thy all wanted 2 fight back(stupid)…anywy thts wat I thnk happened…MY DEFINITION OF ILLUMINATI: people are just makin money out of other people.

  13. The broedersbond is technically the Afrikaans version of the masions. People became members by invitation only explaining why all the people in power were members. The non-members remained workers at the railways, Iscor etc. One will not become a president of a country (any country) if you are not a mason. How else can they secure an income from the minerals – they have to feed their corgis afterall :-)

  14. Well guys I think we are forgetting one thing,I mean look around a lot of things have or are happening as we speak, the bible said it clearly that things like this will happen yet some of us still don’t believe, guys this is a sign that The Lord Him self Is Coming, You better be preped

  15. That’s true iam also one of those searching for the truth I cant find any impurities on mandela unless he did it so perfectly that you won’t even know however heavenly father through our lord jesus christ would have revealed it . So yes is up to our heavenly father to judge lest no man judge unless same measure will be used for your judgement

  16. I still say DR. Nelson Mandela was a free mason I have seen YouTube videos of him wearing Secret Society clothes and after all he was buried the same way as Egyptians so surely he was involved in one of the groups.

    • I’ve watched those videos, they don’t reveal much. Maybe he was initiated but when was that? What about his comrades who were with him in jail? They could have been suspicious. Maybe you are right but we still need more facts to prove if he was a mason indeed.

  17. This is not possible, do you really know what Illuminati means? U know nothing yet you go on lying to poor people. Illuminati has nothing to do with the dragons and those things you are talking about. Is about getting your higher level. Being as intelligent as you can by studying yourself. Illiminati started long time ago before Christians, Illuminati believe the creator of this world is Devil who pretends to be God. The father of Illuminati is Cain himself. Illuminati has a secrets about Christianity and they have a prove that Jesus was married to Marry Madeline they also have prove that Jesus assassinated John. John according to Illuminati hated Jesus and Jesus never had power hence he was baptised by John. Catholics have always been killing the members of illuminate because they know the truth about the Bible and how deceiving the bible is. Most of the things you read in bible are just pure fabricated lies according to them. Illuminati don’t believe in praying because they say we all have God in our soul and instead of praying we should study our self thoroughly to find our Own Godliness hence all illuminate ppl are very intelligent. Eve was illuminated by the angel of True God after the founder of this world(Satan) had denied a human being intelligent. Cain was the son of Angel of True God so that he can show ppl light while the Satan is busy deceiving us by praying him. Watch the Davinci Code, Read the Amageaon Conspiracy, Watch Matrix revolution and Watch Big Bang Theory you will find the truth about this world we are leaving. illuminate is more less the same as Hinduism and they were all formed more than 5000 years ago n have no founder. The same as old Greek religion they all believe in reincarnation. The space and time is not on my side I was gonna tell you more.

    • @Stanley, Wow! that was fantastic and proves everything I thought about Illuminati is correct. If I am lying let the people decide. I’ve watched and read the Da vinci code and other books by Dan Brown. Also watched the Matxix movies. I am not convinced by your facts and I am sorry to say you have searched for the truth on the wrong sources. My prayer is that the Holy Spirit should have mercy on you. The blood of Jesus is ready to forgive you because your ignorance has led you to learn the ways of darkness. Get out of that dark world while you still have time because beyond you will realize Jesus was the only Way, the only truth and only source of all life. and your spirit will be corrupted to the point of only hell fire could sustain it. You don’t want to be there believe me.

      • I like your angle Stanley. Its fresh and direct, and indeed the illuminati is not all bad, in anything there is good and bad, take food for example yes! food is good cause its got nutrients and all but too much of something can be bad for you same as christianity there are too many question marks in the bible and in the was christianity is being governed, potrayed. Look this angle I have never heard of Satan being GOD but I know that he wants to enlighten us that all. What we have now dont think we would be able to do if he did not enlighten us nin Aden. as much as they say GOD loves us, he is a control freak, He liked the way we where living all naked and stuff but Satan gave us the eyes to see that no no we are naked. In all Stanely I see where you going but dont really believe the part that Satan is GOD

  18. How can you even question that Mandela is Illuminati? He is a knight of Malta (as is Thabo Mbeki) and he is a 33 degree Freemason. There is nothing to speculate about; he is an Elitist Communist.

  19. mental slavery, propaganda do not allow the system to rull over u… There is a certain group of individuals who have eveything planned for everyone its only a matter of tym u watch and see be patient it will all reveal itself bt remember this u are nt alone we are out there they are not taking us down….prison, education, work, internet, technology, ‘natural disasters’ thers sum1 out there jct be carefull they are watching you….the system is real therz good n bad

  20. dnt you people have some thing to tak off.while keeping yourselves in some ada people s business.if u wana be part of illuminati y cnt u just join myb u wil shut ur mouth n. focus on tht.busy yip yip yip yip like cell c on weekend hai angidina agg

    • Diva! no need to be rude, you were not forced to reply to this and so am I in replyin to you, you searched for it and you replyed to it dont make it seem as if it being shaved in your throat. No. 2 this blog is very educational , it depends how you see the views of people replying to it, CECIL idi good for sharing it with us. This in some way teaches us about religion about us about a lot of things that happened in our past and wht is going to happen. So instead of critisizin this blog, stopmsearching for it and stop replyin to it, and do what everybody else does which is SERVE!

    • But DIVA not in any event did we say he was not good…All that is said is that he was part of this secrete organisation and they (illuminati) are the devil worshipers…..

  21. Mr Mandela was definitely a member of the Illuminati, which is controlled by the Jesuits of Rome — Mr Mandela was also a Knight of Malta (Freemason) — check maps of Africa era 1747 and you will find the Tribe of Judah in Africa — Jesus Christ was the Lion of the Tribe of Judah — I’m white and I’m a Bible-believing Christian — Roman Catholicism is NOT Christianity — The Tribe of Judah have been scattered throughout the world via slavery, which was undertaken by black Africans and many Europeans — there’s a difference between Africans and Black Israelites such as Israelite Americans (rather than they are commonly known as African Americans)

  22. Guys have you checked the Mandela bridge lately? “Freeman of our city” Those in Jo’burg know what I am talking about.

  23. Hi Takalani.

    I am in Cape Town so I have not yet seen the bridge up close – what is it that needs to be seen?

    Hi Diva babe.

    Freemasons worship Satan so how can Mandela be a “good” man?

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